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Monster Mansion: The Soul Guardian
The Soul Guardian is said in both human and monster legend to appear around people who have death in their future. When an individual dies, The Soul Guardian will come and take their departing souls. He will then work restlessly to find a peaceful resting place for the soul where they will never be disturbed. The many lights on his antlers are souls that he has taken up.
Laser-Shooting Cyborg Space Chicken
Gigan's always been my favoite monster from Godzilla, so I wanted to draw the big guy with his best design.
Monster Mansion: Primordial Monsters
From left to right: Leviathan, Ziz, and Behemoth.

Ever since the times of pre-history, there have been tall tales of three certain monsters. One ruled the deadly waters, one the tectonic earth, and the last held their domain over the vast skies.

These were the Primordial Monsters, Leviathan, Behemoth, and Ziz, and they existed in the never-ending chaos of the Before Times, when the Universe was still in its gestation.

Leviathan was the largest of the three, and he is the source of all the tales of sea monsters that sailors have spread over the millennia. His body sprawled out for 300 miles, and his mouth unleashed plumes of flames, evaporating the sea around him and scorching ships. Other stories said he wrapped around the Earth itself and clutched onto it tightly, holding the planet together.

Behemoth was the fiercest of the three. His unrelenting anger erupting volcanoes and punching craters into the Earth's surface. He was said to be able to push the planet's own continents around and even separated them in a cataclysmic battle with Leviathan.

Ziz is the wisest of the three. Even back in the Before Times where all of them were simply rampaging beasts she held dominance over the other two. Her unrelenting winds and thunderstorms hurdled Behemoth through the air and shocked Leviathan to his very core. While Leviathan certainly dwarfs her, Ziz's size is not to be understated either. It is said a rotten egg of hers broke open when she tossed it aside, and the fluids inside it flooded an prospering ancient city.

It is told in many stories that when the world is reaching its a duel of biblical proportions with spark between Leviathan and Behemoth and the two will slay each other, bringing the planet Earth down with them. Ziz is focused on preventing this, and will force a stalemate if she has to when this happens.

While they originally started off without the ability of higher thinking, driven effectively mad with their overwhelming power, it is said that some being of even greater power brought all three of them down. Though they were spared, they were significantly weakened. This loss in power allowed for them to achieve sapience.

Currently, the three are in hiding along with the rest of the monsters in the world. Leviathan is one of the domineering monsters of the mansion that Catherine comes across. Behemoth currently lives in the massive underground base on Ni'ihau in Hawaii. Finally, Ziz does not stay in one place at once, and she usually performs regular checkups on the different bases around the world to check their condition.
Monster Mansion: Elise (New)
She's not much of a ghost anymore after I decided just giving her vaguely defined 'ghost powers' was boring. So she's a banshee now and uses sound powers.

age: 27 "physically" (she's a ghost), 16 mentally
Species: Undead Spirit (Banshee)
Elise was a fairly normal girl most of her life, she didn't have much trouble fitting in and never really stood out much to other people. One of the most notable things about her, however, was her undying loyalty to her friends. She had the absolute trust of anyone who got close to her, and could always be depended on.

Unfortunately, however, her normal life was forcefully ripped away one day. She had been staying after school hours to finish up work she had been slacking on for the past few weeks, and had to leave later than her friends because of it. Once she got everything done and turned in, she left and made her way home on the path she and her friends usually took. Unnervingly quiet, she tried filling the noiselessness of her brain with music. Putting in her headphones and cranking her tunes to full volume, she was made unaware of her surroundings.

Mere moments afterwards, she was grabbed from behind and pulled into the nearby shrubbery. The cause of death was never determined, as her body was never recovered, and after years of searching she's been declared dead.

It was a surprise for her, then, when she woke up months later, finding herself hovering above her own body. It had been reclaimed by nature by then, with flowers growing through and tangling around it. Her memory fuzzy, she quickly found her way back to her hometown, where she tried to connect with her past friends.

Nothing ever came of it. The touch of her hands never reached them, her shouts were never heard, and anything she tried moving refused to meet her grasp.

Discouraged and damaged, she quit trying. Her cries were never heard except by her own ears.

Eventually, she began moving across the country, silently observing the lives of those who could enjoy them. Moving gradually to the east coast, she soon stumbled upon the Monster Mansion and silently moved through its halls as well, curiosity over the foreign place taking over her.

Soon enough, she met another spirit in the Mansion. Learning of her plight, he taught her of how to make herself visible to the living, something spirits apparently had to learn. Once her story was out and about the Mansion, she was quickly accepted into its society. Now having a place to sleep in normally, she began her search into her death, looking endlessly for anything to lead her to her killer. Over time, however, her loneliness slowly melted away with the help of the large supportive community of the Mansion, and she soon went back to her old personality. Quickly, she forgot about her murder and went on to enjoy her new life as an undead.

That is, until, news reaches her of another murder in her hometown. Quickly reading up on the story, all of her anger and sadness overflows once she learns the victim is one of her past friends. Her truly undying loyalty rearing its head, she starts her search once more, in secret.

Powers and abilities:
Being a banshee, Elise is able to manipulate any sound she makes, whether it be from her voice or the literal snap of a finger. This control extends to amplifying the volume of the sounds, being able to crank them up to absurd, ear-rupturing levels.

Later on, she learns how to infuse magic into her shouts, allowing her to cast spells with her voice.
Y'all ready for some more shitty game ideas?

Leader - Catherine A.K.A. "Black Dahlia"
HP - Average
Point-Blank - Fantastic
Mid-Range - Average
Long Range - Terrible
Running Speed - Above average
Primary - Sawed Off Hunting Rifle
Secondary - Mini-Uzi Machine Pistol
Tertiary - Spiked Wooden Bat

Sniper - Jefferson A.K.A. "Southern Devil"
HP - Average
Point-Blank - Terrible
Mid-Range - Below Average
Long Range - Fantastic
Running Speed - Average
Primary - Silenced Sniper Rifle
Secondary - Boiling Hot Coffee
Tertiary - Machete

Shock and Awe - Akane A.K.A. "Kuchisake-Onna"
HP - Above Average
Point-Blank - Fantastic
Mid-range - Above Average
Long Range - Below Average
Running Speed - Below Average
Primary - Type 4 AT Rocket Launcher
Secondary - 10 Gauge Shotgun
Tertiary - Tessen Japanese War Fan


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